Essential Oils for the Skin – Miracles from the Nature

Which essential oils for the skin to use for the perfection you dream of?

Each one of these essential oils for the skin is a blessing, we know it. Moreover, mixed in the right proportions and combinations, they can make miracles with your skin. The very thing I love about them is that they benefit our skin and body faster and better than many cosmetic products and are much cheaper than them as well! How can we resist that combination?

Saying that I give you some brief information on the most popular and accessible oils you can find almost everywhere. On top of that, they come with a simple recipe you can do right after you finish the article. If you know more about oils and use them – please, share with us your favourite beauty or health recipe.


Jojoba oil

Rich in vitamin E, the jojoba essential oil for the skin comes from the Simmondsia Chinensis or jojoba plant. Its favourite places to grow are the southern parts of US and the northern ones of Mexico. It takes three years for this plant to grow and probably that is what it makes it so good and unique for us. In its pure form, it’s non-allergenic and the structurally is so close to the sebum of our skin that it makes it extremely beneficial to use. You can even apply close to the eyes. For a face cleansing water, you could start by putting 1 to 3 drops of the essential oil in 100ml water and rub on your face with a cotton pad. That’s just one of the simplest ways to use it. The other thing you may want to try is applying pure oil straight on your face to soften the skin and to give it a portion of vitamin E. It helps control oily skin, it’s antibacterial and moisturising at the same time.


Lavender oil

If you’re like me, the first thought that comes to your mind is spa treatment, aromatherapy and relaxation. Yes, the lavender essential oil is well known for these things. It’s widely used in perfumes, creams and cleansing products. And there’s a reason why! The lavender naturally cleanses and helps to smooth the skin. If you suffer from acne, just a few drops of that oil will help in days. It is like that because it stimulates the growth of the skin cells, so another benefit is to be used on scars. The lavender oil helps you with anxiety and insomnia – just spray the oil on your bed or pillow and prepare yourself for a good night sleep.


Coconut oil

Honestly, my favourite essential oil for dry skin. I use it instead of a night cream, and on the morning my face is soft as a baby’s bottom!I almost don’t use any foundation for my face, and the reason is that oil. It cleanses the face so thoroughly, gives it an extra moisturising but doesn’t make it greasy. If your skin type is a bit more oily, you can still use it as it protects the skin from any infections and harmful microorganisms. Just apply it on your face, wait for 15 minutes and wash away with warm water. The coconut oil in its best form melts at a temperature under 25°C (77°F). So even if it’s a bit chilly in your room the moment you put it on your skin it will melt, so no greasiness. That essential oil is a brilliant makeup remover, deep cleanser and prevents wrinkles, so it’s anti-aging.


Tea tree oil

An excellent and aroma-pleasing option to treat your skin today. The tea tree essential oil for the skin comes from Australia, and its benefits are not only for the beauty part of your daily life but your health as well. Along with its benefits to treat infections, skin problems and scars (yet, it helps even with them), the tea tree essential oil is an amazing option to clean your face at the end of the day. Especially if combined with olive oil – half cup of olive oil with 20 drops of tea tree oil will do you for more than a month. It successfully fights acne if you combine it with honey (two drops of oil with a tablespoon of honey), treats eczemas (use coconut oil in combination with four drops of tea tree oil) and it’s perfect for your nails in its pure form.


Argan oil

The argan essential oil for the skin is called “liquid gold” in the cosmetic. It comes from the Moroccans, and the tree is called “the tree of life”. Only that as a start should give you the idea of how useful it is for your skin. No matter your skin type – this is your essential oil to try this week. It moisturises the skin (you can use it on any part of the body – head to toe), gives it a healthy glow and softens it. When you finish with the skin – try it on the hair. You could exclude the conditioner from your routine as the argan essential oil makes the hair so moisturised, soft an glowing that you will never change it for something else. The reason for all these values of the oil is the vitamins A and E, along with the antioxidants, the omega-3 fatty acids.


Rose oil


The power of the rose essential oil for the skin is underestimated in the everyday use but well known in the cosmetic one.
Let’s leave aside what an amazing aphrodisiac its scent is (I said that on purpose…wink); the rose oil will clean and soften your skin in the most fantastic way. It treats acne, has antiseptic properties, reduces skin redness, fights oily skin and fights depression. How did you miss that? The best rose essential oils comes from a specific species – rosa damascena which grows only on the territory of Bulgaria. The precious drops are captured one by one in a unique technique to give you the best out of it. You can find it in many beauty products or in its pure form online. Just don’t forget to thank us when you put your hands on it.

What is your favourite essential oil for the skin? Share with us.


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