Give those gorgeous eyes  an extra light

I know you wish to be that perfect girl with beautiful big eyes that the people around you can’t help but like you the moment you give them a glimpse. And you could be… if your eyes were not so small…

Well, don’t let that stops you from reaching your beauty goals. There are so many things you could do to help yourself. It is not necessary to go through a beauty course or to “have the right touch”. All you need is high desire and practice. You’ve got the first, so go for the second.


They’re almost half of the job in making your eyes look bigger. Keep them a bit thinner to help your eyes look bigger. But don’t overdo them as it’s better to look as natural as possible. Pluck everything that’s extra and do it every two days to make it easier. Eyebrow grooming is not our favourite, but it is the most important. Clean and well maintained will help you look amazing even without makeup.

While you’re on the eyebrows, use light colours just under the brow so you can attract the light towards your eyes. When it’s about making your eyes look larger, it’s all about play with the light.

Under the eyes

Well, we started with what’s above the eyes, now is time to discuss what’s under them.

Or, if I could be more specific – what’s not suppose to be under them. Dark circles. That will kill every attempt to make your eyes bigger. And, unfortunately, it almost doesn’t matter what else you do if you don’t fix the dark spots.

If they are not something you usually have – it’s easily fixable with the makeup. Use a concealer to cover everything dark. You’re looking for a natural look so do it as far as it matches with the rest of your skin colour.

If you’re facing that problem often, the dark circles under your eyes may be a symptom. You’re probably too stressed, you don’t sleep enough or it may be a health problem. Find the reason not only to make your eyes look larger but to be more happy looking as well. No makeup can imitate the amazing shine of the happiness.

And now it’s time for the eyes themselves.


When it comes to the eyeshadows, make sure you start with light, skin coloured tone as a base. You may use a primer as well before you start, but it’s totally alright if you skip that step.

The light layer of shadows will make your eyes pop up nicely. You may leave it here and have a “natural” look. But if you want to add some more colour – go ahead. Below you will find some tips for which colour will be more suitable for you depending on the colour of your eyes.

Just remember – you have to put the shadows you choose only at the outer end of the eye.

For blue eyes use brown, beige and silver colour, but don’t mix them together.

For brown eyes – gold, blue or green looks impressive. These colours bring a contrast to your eyes and make them more noticeable.

For green eyes try silver, blue, purple and pink. You will love the result.


Next step is the eyeliner. The beginning of the line should be just above the iris, somewhere in the middle of your upper eyelid. Pull it all the way to the end of the eye and a little bit outside but not too much. Make sure it’s as close to the lashes as possible.

If you want to use it on the lower lash line – it has to be just before the end of the eye. The perfect spot is just under the lower water line. Everything before that would make your eyes even smaller.

If you use an eye pencil with the eyeliner, choose a brighter colour. Especially at the beginning of the eye – near the nose. Skip the white eye pencil on the inside of the eye – it will look unnatural and weird. But do choose light colour – it depends on the eyeshadows’ colour you’ve prepared to put.

Before you put the mascara, use an eyelash curler. When you use the mascara after that it will help your eyes to look more “opened” and more fluffy.

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